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India’s Leading EPC Company Trusts Octane HRMS to Improve Workforce Management and Business Productivity

The global HR software market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) 2.4% reaching $9.2 billion by 2022.

Our client is a fast-growing provider of world-class power systems solutions across the world. With a workforce of over 1500 experienced professionals, they serve customers in the power transmission services, railways, industrial sectors, and the automobile industry.

In-spite of having global operations and such a large workforce, our client was using an outdated HR solution to support its payroll management and report generation processes resulting in delayed and complex processes.

The customer realized the need for upgrading their entire HR management processes and solutions to automate their employee requisitions, payroll, and HR processes – bringing in much-needed agility, accuracy, and employee satisfaction. Embee’s proprietary HRMS solution Octane integrated with the customer’s ERP system to enable automation, maximize their employee productivity and satisfaction while driving down costs.

Use of Outdated Solutions Made Management of Large Workforce Difficult and Complex

Our client’s outdated solution was inadequate to handle the volume and complexity of HR operations when the customer started new locations and employees. Additionally, being built on traditional technology, the system was incapable of integrating with modern HR and ERP tools.

Some of the key challenges included:

Poor System Performance

Lack of scalability and flexibility of the existing solution led to an increase in response time. The customer experienced delays in reporting, salary distribution, and statutory submission.

No Communication with Employees

Most employee-related processes such as payslip generation, requisitions such as leave, training, loans, travel, etc. were being managed manually resulting in elongated processes, delays, and increased paperwork.

No process and system integration

The existing HR application could neither be integrated with the customer’s existing SAP Business One ERP system nor with its biometric attendance systems. This led to high duplication of work, double data entries, and errors in data capturing. The storage of multiple copies of data in digital and hard copy was raising costs as well.

Embee Implemented Octane HRMS Solution Integrated with SAP Business One to Automate HR Processes

Embee worked closely with the customer’s HR departments to understand the flow of data and designed a unique framework where data from our application could be integrated and shared with the customer’s ERP and back-office systems. We implemented our proprietary HRMS solution Octane for the customer and designed a web-based Employee Self-Service portal using Microsoft technologies in the front-end as well as the backend as per customer’s requirements.

Our key findings of the customer’s requirements from the new solution were:

  1. Web-based HRMS and Payroll Management Systems built on the Microsoft Platform.
  2. Integrate with the customer’s SAP Business One ERP system.
  3. Automation of attendance through integration with project-site biometric systems.
  4. Web-based Employee Self Service (ESS) portal to automate workflows.
  5. Knowledgeable resources that could help the customer improve their HR processes.

The Impact of Octane HRMS

Embee’s Octane solution helped our customer transform the way HR and personnel management was being managed in their organization. Equipped with better tools and processes, both employees and HR managers were able to significantly reduce the time spent in the execution of tasks, resulting in a highly streamlined and productive organization.

The key benefits delivered include:

Process Automation With Octane

With Octane, most HR processes took under a few hours to execute with no or minimal requirement of human intervention.

System Integration

Embee’s Octane is built with scalability and integration in mind. The solution could be easily integrated with the customer’s SAP Business One as well as their biometric attendance system.

Providing Remote Access & Employee Self Service

The HRMS solution provided remote access for the employee self-service feature, enabling employees to generate employee-related documents from any location by simply logging into the system with their credentials. This saved time for both the employees and the HR department.

Effectively Managing Regulations

Octane initiated compliance checks and would schedule alerts as required to ensure that the company was always following regulatory requirements. This would primarily be around tax planning and filing, union-management, amongst others.

Cost Benefits & Minimized Errors

Octane automated most employee-related tasks including payroll management, requisitions, and disbursement. This helped reduce the time taken to execute processes as well and minimized the costs relating to storage space and paper waste.

A two-phase training was also conducted as a part of our implementation process to support our customer’s key stakeholders. Overall, the solution enabled the customer to save over 5 -6% of their total execution cost and helped eliminate common human errors such as incorrect salary calculations, double credits, missed deductions, etc.

Embee’s Octane solution helped our customer transform the way HR and personnel management was being managed in their organization. We help you let your workforce focus on expanding your business and hone their skills without worrying about HR-related operations.

For all your queries related to HR Solutions, reach out to us at Embee offers Octane HRMS starting at just ₹ 40/user/month to address the entire employee lifecycle. Book a demo now to avail exciting offers and manage your remote workforce.

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