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Embee Software Transforms India’s Leading Banking Company with Microsoft’s Comprehensive Modern Work Solutions for 3000 Frontline Workers

About our customer

Our customer stands as a prominent entity in the Indian financial services sector, specializing in securities and brokerage services. As part of India’s largest and most trusted banking conglomerate, our customer inherits a legacy of trust, reliability, and unparalleled service. The firm offers a comprehensive range of investment solutions, catering to diverse customer needs across various asset classes.

With its rich history and deep expertise, our customer has established itself as a leader in the industry, committed to excellence and focused on delivering value to its clients. The company is recognized for its innovative approach to investment services, leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance trading experiences and provide insightful market analysis. It continues to be the preferred choice for investors looking for reliable, high-quality investment services in India and beyond.

The frontline workers at the firm, numbering over 3,000, are the backbone of the company, directly engaging with clients to provide essential investment services and support. These dedicated individuals include financial advisors, customer service representatives, and sales personnel who play a pivotal role in understanding client needs, offering tailored investment advice, executing trades, and ensuring a seamless customer experience.

They face challenges such as staying ahead of rapidly changing market conditions, regulatory compliance, and managing the high expectations of a diverse client base in a competitive financial landscape.

Despite these obstacles, their role is crucial for SBI Securities as they are the primary point of contact for the company’s clients, representing the brand’s values and commitments. Their expertise and dedication not only drive customer satisfaction and loyalty but also directly contribute to the company’s growth and success in the dynamic world of securities and brokerage services.

Addressing Operational and Security Challenges Faced by Frontline Workers

Our customer faced several critical challenges that impacted its operational efficiency and security posture:

  • Outdated On-Premises Exchange: The reliance on an outdated on-premises Exchange resulted in high management costs and inefficiencies.
  • Remote User Management Complexities: Managing remote users securely and efficiently was increasingly challenging, leading to potential security risks.
  • Inadequate Security Policies: The deployment of security policies for Windows and mobile devices was inadequate, exposing the company to cyber threats and compliance issues.

Enhancing Productivity, Efficiency and Data Protection of Frontline Workers with Modern Work Solutions

To address these challenges, Embee Software proposed a comprehensive solution leveraging Microsoft technologies:

  • Migration to Office 365: Our customer’s email infrastructure was transitioned from an on-premises Exchange to Office 365, enabling enhanced features, scalability, and cloud-based email services.
  • Defender for Office 365 Policies: Strengthening security with the implementation of Defender for Office 365 policies to protect against advanced threats across email, documents, and collaboration tools.
  • Microsoft Intune for Device Management: Comprehensive mobile device and Windows device management were implemented using Microsoft Intune, ensuring secure access to corporate resources and compliance.
  • Azure Active Directory P1 Integration: Robust access control, application single sign-on (SSO), and zero-trust deployment strategies were enabled with Azure Active Directory Premium P1.
  • Windows Endpoint Policy Management: Endpoint policies, including BitLocker encryption and Windows Hello for Business, were managed for enhanced data protection and secure authentication.
  • Azure Information Protection Policies: Office 365, Teams, and SharePoint were secured with Azure Information Protection policies, ensuring data classification, encryption, and rights management.

Transformative Benefits for Frontline Workers for our customer: Security, Efficiency, and Cost Savings with Embee’s Solutions

The solution implemented by Embee Software provided the customer with numerous benefits:

  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: The migration to Office 365 and the robust security framework significantly improved the company’s security posture, reducing the risk of breaches and compliance violations.
  • Improved Productivity and Efficiency: Intune’s deployment streamlined device management, while Windows Autopilot simplified device onboarding, reducing IT administrative burdens and enhancing productivity.
  • Cost Reduction and ROI: Transitioning to Office 365 resulted in significant savings on infrastructure maintenance costs. Centralized management through Intune and Azure AD P1 optimized IT resource utilization, leading to a positive return on investment.

Comparing the Impact on Frontline Workers- Before and After Embee’s Solutions

Criteria Before Embee’s Solution After Embee’s Solution
Security Posture Vulnerable Enhanced
Operational Efficiency Inefficient Streamlined
Compliance At Risk Strengthened
IT Costs High Significantly Reduced

Market Impact and Applicability

The digital transformation strategy implemented for our customers is not only specific to their unique challenges but also has broad applicability across industries facing similar issues. Organizations seeking to modernize their IT infrastructure, strengthen security measures, and ensure compliance will find this solution particularly relevant. Industries beyond finance, such as healthcare, legal, and manufacturing, can also benefit from adopting these technologies to protect data and enable efficient remote work.


Our customer’s partnership with Embee Software has set a new standard in leveraging technology to enhance security, productivity, and compliance in the financial services industry. By adopting a comprehensive suite of Microsoft technologies, SBICAP Securities has not only addressed its immediate challenges but has also positioned itself for future growth and innovation. This case study exemplifies how strategic IT solutions can transform business operations, proving that with the right technologies and partners, companies can achieve remarkable improvements in efficiency, security, and competitive advantage.

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