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Embee Implements SAP Business One HANA in a Leading Hydraulic Manufacturing Company to Streamline Processes and Boosts Real-Time Data Availability

Manufacturing is a highly competitive industry where efficiency and performance are critical success metrics. Customers expect quick turnaround times, minimal defect rates and competitive prices.

Our customer is a nationwide well-known leader in the manufacture of Hydraulic Fittings catering to almost all leading OEM’s like Machine Tool Manufacturers, Earth Moving Equipment Manufacturers, Plastic Molding Machine Manufacturers, Farming Equipment, Power Pack Manufacturers, Automobile Industries & steel Plant. Also Exports in big volume to European OEMS.

Our customer’s state-of-the-art manufacturing process was being restricted by its manual processes which were being executed in silos without any visibility into performance. Embee’s integrated management solution built on SAP Business One allowed our customer to stop relying on archaic manual processes and legacy systems for day-to-day management of operations.

The customer was able to overcome delays in delivery commitments and inventory losses by gaining an immediate visibility into the status of each of their processes, right from purchases to production and sales.

Our Customer’s Challenges

The absence of process integration and real-time visibility into the various tasks being performed were the key reasons for their delays in delivery as well as inventory losses. The customer was using excel sheets to store all the organizational data.

Some of the key challenges that were being faced by our customer are: –

Losses Due to Errors in Manual Data Processing

Lack of real-time information about inventory levels was leading to over or under-ordering resulting in losses and delays in delivery timelines. This was a huge concern as future business depended on the delivery consistency.

No Machine Performance Accountability

The customer was manually recording production details, which made it cumbersome to track and account for shortfalls. This added complexity to production planning and led to several expensive delays.

Delayed Decision Making Due to Information Lag

There was no centralized computing system where the company management or production managers could view the status of various processes, leading to inaccurate and late decisions.

Lack of Inter-Departmental and Process Integration

Lack of communication and collaboration within departments and resulted in duplication of data and work, with no arrangements for data reconciliation.

Absence of Measurement of Asset Performance

Critical details such as depreciation value, maintenance costs, repair costs and asset performance were absent, which made it impossible for the customer to ascertain if an asset was performing optimally.

Recommended Solution by Embee

Upon identifying the customer’s challenges and key pain points, Embee recommended the implementation of a customized SAP Business One solution on Azure VM including Windows and SUSE Linux based operating system. Site to site and point to site VPN connectivity with on-premises network.

Impact of the Solution

SAP B1 will support the customer’s move from the unorganized manual setup to an automated, integrated organization-wide solution.

Streamlined Inventory Management and Purchasing

The implementation of SAP Business One’s robust inventory management system allowed all concerned departments, including purchases, sales, finance and management to have a real-time visibility into inventory levels as well as receive re-ordering alerts when inventory levels were low. This eliminated the chances of inaccurate ordering and resulted in huge cost-savings for the customer.

Enhanced production accountability

Embee implemented a custom-developed production management interface for the customer, where the production line managers could update details of production quantities and completed jobs in real-time. This data was stored in the centralized SAP database and accessible to all concerned stakeholders, bringing in process accountability and streamlined production. Any irregularities could now be tracked and addressed immediately.

Improved Production Efficiency and Accountability

Embee’s customized production management system always enabled the customer to track the status of production and asset performance. This allowed them to make more informed decisions regarding production commitments to customers.

Complete Visibility into Asset Performance

The implementation of fixed asset management system facilitated the customer in assessing the performance of each of their assets to determine if they were being profitable to the organization. This enabled the customer to make key infrastructure procurement decisions which helped in long-term cost benefits.

Better Integration and Reduced Duplication

SAP Business One integrated all the customer’s departments into clearly defined processes and a centralized database for all the organization’s data. This eliminated the duplication of work and processes in the various departments and removed the disparity in data being stored in different formats.

Future-Ready IT Systems

SAP Business One unique features and scalability capabilities helped our customer prepare for expansion into more business-lines and locations. It is a proven solution for the mid-market segment and is ideal for organizations looking to move from unorganized legacy-system based setup to a completely integrated environment.

Embee’s customized Integrated Management Solution based on SAP Business One brings you on the right path for fast-track growth by attaining top levels of quality and efficiency through process simplification and elimination of production errors.

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