92% of the workforce believes that video collaboration improves relationships and fosters better teamwork.

With workforces that are distributed, global and multi-cultural, collaboration through audio-video technology solutions has transformed the way we do business. Embee works with customers to enable them to connect, collaborate and work together using media rich, immersive solutions.

Connected Decisions

Does your strategic decision making need more clarity?

Your executive team needs to work as a unit in a cohesive manner to not only come up with a winning strategy, but also execute perfectly. This requires them to coordinate across departments, geographies and in most cases, a partner ecosystem. To make this happen, we enable our customer’s boardrooms with technology solutions that are reliable, intuitive and provide lifelike interactive experiences and allow full participation. That’s how conversations are meant to be.

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Seamless integration through video collaboration

AV Solution Implementation Roadmap

AV solution implementation roadmap

Visual Harmony

Are all of your employees connected to a common purpose?

Getting your employees on the same page can be a daunting task. Communicating business strategy, announcing results, celebrating milestones and building a great, connected culture have become critical to ensure that your organization functions in complete harmony. Putting it together is much harder than you think. Embee works with customers to create an audio visual technology solution that gets the most of your auditoriums through comprehensive planning, sourcing, implementation and management of technology that brings clarity in focus and true alignment across the enterprise.

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Immersive Learning

Are you still relying on chalk and talk?

Whether you are a growing enterprise, or an education institution, keeping up with the latest of what’s out there truly matters. The pace of change today is breathtaking and staying one step ahead will determine if you continue to be relevant or quietly fade away. Our e-learning solutions are designed to make sure that staying on top of the game is an immersive and collaborative experience. We can help you build smart e-classrooms and digital training rooms that bring together multiple information sources, spark meaningful conversations and drive results.

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Why Immersive Learning matters

Implement e-learning solutions to stay ahead of the curve

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Turn your video calls into actions

Get Microsoft powered audio-visual solutions starting at
just ₹ 106/User/Month.

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Head-Chemical Engineering Department
Jadavpur University

The integrated Audio Visual solution provided by Embee helped us enter new frontiers in the pedagogy of imparting education. We appreciate their effort in blending technology into our curriculum.

punjab vocational training-school
PowerGrid Corporation of India
verdhaman vishwa vidyalay
visva bharati
rabindra bharati university
pwd govt of delhi
iit kharagpur

Embee partners with leading brands to deliver integrated AV solutions.

Solutions from Embee follow a robust practice of “understand-evaluate-test-implement-transform” to deliver a defined return on investment. Interested?

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