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Windows 11 and Windows 365? Which is Beneficial for Your Business?

Currently, Microsoft has a big announcement on Windows 11, which is simply a product of every business. Whereas Windows 365 is a subscription service available for businesses. For customers, Windows 11 will be the primary choice to work on, and if you are working in any organization, choosing Windows 365 will be the choice to modernize the company’s environment.

Windows 11 will provide you with the optimal security and performance capabilities for your device. The OS is designed for modern hardware that has at least a TPM 2.0 module and for chips that are Intel 8th generation or newer. When compared to Windows 10, there are other benefits like simplified servicing models, a UI that is consistent, improvements to touch controls, and the list goes on and on. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the differences between Windows 11 and Windows 365.

How can Windows 11 be described?

Windows 11 is considered the latest version of the Windows operating system and the successor of Windows 10 that has been used by individuals to work, connect, play, and stay informed. It undergoes a makeover, with amazing features and a more minimalist style than its predecessors. Windows 11 has compelling features such as the first Amazon apps, a redesigned taskbar, and many more.

Features of Windows 11?

  • Users gain feasibility of Android apps via a subset of the apps available via the Amazon Appstore
  • Weather app on the Taskbar is available
  • Usability to mute your mic in MS Teams, again from the Taskbar
  • Better screen sharing in Teams from your Taskbar
  • Transformed Media Player and Notepad

What is Windows 365?

Windows 365 is the cloud-based operating system that helps you create and run desktop remotely and is known as ‘Cloud PC’. It is also a hybrid solution with a virtual machine and a remote desktop. It is easy for a user to access these applications from anywhere without any compelling PC. It helps users to access their desktop without relying on a physical device. It is also accessible with phones, and users can perform all PC tasks using mobile phones.

Windows 365 has been designed exclusively for businesses to make hybrid work flexible and more productive. Windows 365 uses the cloud, it minimizes the risk of security whether a user is working from home or using personal devices.

Features in Windows 365?

  • Turning OneNote items into Outlook calendar events
  • Editing and converting to PDF made easy
  • Resume reading your word documents
  • Respond in-line to email without opening it
  • Real-time co-authoring (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Chat with co-workers in Office apps
  • Attaching links to stored files instead of sending entire files to the team
  • Offer 50GB of email storage
  • Recovering the right version of a document
  • Operating offline and uploading changes later

What is the Difference between Windows 11 and Windows 365?

Here is how Windows 11 and Windows 365 are distinctive?

1. Used by businesses as an operating system that can be installed on their PC. A cloud-based subscription service used by businesses to stream Windows 11 from the cloud to any device.
2. It can be installed on your PC and consume storage space on your desktop. It is a cloud-based operating system, that doesn’t take storage in your PC as everything is stored in the cloud.
3. It can be used by purchasing a license for it, and users can use it for a lifetime. It is a subscription-based model.

Which is Beneficial for Business?

Both have unique features and different uses; it depends on usability and requirements. Windows 365 is a service for businesses, whereas Windows 11 can be used by an individual user. For Windows 365, there are two tiers, business, and enterprise, which are designed for varied sizes of industries.

Choosing between Windows 11 and Windows 365 depends on the requirement of an individual or a business. If you are using a smaller number of PCs, then Windows 365 is not for you, you can go for Windows 11. And if you have many PCs, then go for Windows 365.

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