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Top 5 Myths for SAP Business One Busted

SAP Business One is one of the top ERP software that helps businesses to automate crucial processes such as marketing and sales, finance and accounting, human resource management and develop lasting relationships with vendors and customers.

SAP B1 allows companies to quickly and easily customize it to meet the needs of their clients and the business models they employ. However, there are some myths related to SAP Business One that makes business reluctant to adopt and integrate with their systems.

This article is designed to eliminate all the myths about SAP B1 and to reveal the truth. Let’s get started.

Myth 1: Implementing SAP B1 ERP software takes a long time.

Keep in mind that the application for any ERP software is dependent on a variety of aspects, including-

  • The expertise of the business that is implementing the project.
  • The needs of your customer and the business model you have.
  • The duration of the employee training program.
  • The time required to transfer business-critical data to cloud-based software.
  • The number of functions you require to perform in ERP software.

The process of implementing SAP B1 takes between 3-6 months. The process of implementation could take longer if you don’t have the right expertise to implement SAP. This is partially true if do not know the demands of your business.

Thus, it is essential to locate certified SAP partners that can assist you in easing the process of implementing. Embee can simplify the process of deploying and eliminate all the hassles by customizing the software to meet your specific business requirements.

Myth 2. SAP Business One is only for enterprises

It is a common misconception that only enterprise can use SAP Business One ERP software at their workplace. But this is not true at all.

In fact, SAP is one of the largest solution providers for small and medium-sized companies, with 80% of its customers in this category.

SAP B1 caters to requirements and goals of all small and medium-sized businesses operating across a range of sectors. In addition, SAP Business One enables SMEs to reduce complications without adding any cost.

Myth 3. It is not possible to customize SAP Business One ERP software

SAP B1 is one of the most flexible ERP options available in the market. Businesses can tailor it according to industry type and customer needs, as well as the organizational model and evolving market trends. Additionally, there’s a variety of customized modules and add-ons designed to satisfy the various needs of business.

Myth 4. You can’t choose which modules you require while installing SAP B1

This is not true. It is possible to implement SAP Business One in different phases.

Businesses can choose what SAP B1 features they would like to use immediately according to their requirements. For instance, if you are a tire dealer, you will require ERP software that will take charge of your finance, supply chain, accounting along with logistics and supply chain departments.

However, you don’t have to worry about other areas such as marketing and sales, or management of customer relationships. This is the point where Embee, a top SAP Business One partner comes to your rescue. We will conduct a thorough investigation regarding your areas of operation and recommend the most appropriate modules for you to incorporate into the ERP software.

Myth No. 5. SAP Business One is too complex for the end user

SAP Business One has user-friendly and intuitive screens. They are standardized on modules to ensure that users can learn quickly and get at ease with the system in the shortest amount of time.

It is easy to view and toggle between various menus, giving you the complete picture of all the data all in one spot.

SAP Business One offers a user-friendly suite of tools that allows you to create custom forms for query and specific reports for activities. The customizations can be created by those who don’t have previous technical knowledge.

Myth No. 6. SAP Business One is very expensive

We disagree! Actually, it’s one of the cheapest ERP options currently on the market. The cost of SAP Business One is based on several factors like the number and kind of user licenses you require. Smaller businesses that have fewer employees will require less licenses which will reduce the cost of software.

In addition, SAP allows users to purchase licenses in two ways: an annual purchase method or a one-time expense method. Therefore, SAP Business One is not burdensome on the pockets and was designed with the intention of helping businesses that are of any size and shape.

SAP Business One Partner of Choice

Selecting a partner to implement software packages like SAP presents a unique set of challenges. Necessities such as specialized skills and appropriate testing methodologies are required and depending on sector, budget and specific need would depend on which partner you would use.

A sound understanding of SAP applications and a comprehensive test strategy can go a long way in delivering top-notch quality, on time and within budget, but selecting the wrong partner can rack up costs and minimise your return on investment.

With over 20 consultants, specialist and employees and SAP partner’s people within our network, our SAP B1 solutions will optimise your requirement, help navigate excessive costings, maximise special discounts and minimise the project time frame.

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