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Top 3 Managed Services Trends to Watch Out For

Today’s volatile, macroeconomic IT environment has necessitated implementation of Managed Services. While adopting transformational technologies like Cloud, Analytics, and wearable technologies are business priorities, businesses place equal weight to adequately maintain and secure their corporate IT infrastructure. Thus, we’ve shortlisted the three key Managed Services trends that are reshaping the sector. Businesses now can truly leverage the benefits of Managed Services in strategizing their IT infra management.

1. Cloud Computing and automation are the norms now; so are managed services:

The meteoric rise in the application of multi-Cloud environments and increased adoption of automation are reducing manual labor in many spheres of organizational work. These technologies are also helping businesses move from an SLA (Service-Level Agreement)-based setup to a more XLA (Experience-Level Agreement)-based approach to cater to their end customers. However, increased adoption of these technologies has also highlighted the fact that majority of businesses are yet to be ready to handle the increased IT complexity. Hence, there is increased dependence on managed service providers to ensure smooth operations and minimal downtime. As per a recent study, the global cloud managed services market size is expected to reach USD 82.51 billion by 2025, with security services, network services, business services, mobility services and data center services as top consumers.

2. Internet of Things (IoT) has redefined the way businesses and consumers interact:

IoT has compelled businesses to reconsider how their consumers are accessing information nowadays and strategize on how best to reach them. Every year, millions of devices are connected to the Internet, making the already complex landscape, virtually impossible to make sense of, let alone the integration issues and cyberthreats presented by so many channels. It is here that managed services providers can strengthen security for each layer of the IoT ecosystem. With skilled resources and round-the-clock support services, a Managed Service provider (MSP) can not only help organizations leverage IoT for innovation but also stay one step ahead of the technology curve.

3. Demand for comprehensive security is rising with IT infrastructures becoming more complex:

Cloud, mobile and social technologies are demanding that businesses take a proactive approach towards IT security as transformational change becomes second nature. As these technologies facilitate greater information access, enterprises and their service providers must look for newer ways to safeguard their IT infrastructures against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. Enhanced security will need to encompass multiple aspects of IT, starting from antivirus and phishing protection, cloud infrastructure protection to network and device control to manpower security clearance. The need for initiating protective and prescriptive security measures, systems, policies and protocols to avert unauthorized access at various points of entry, demands the deployment of robust managed services that would deliver in all security management layers.

The services of Cloud-focused MSPs are much in demand now, as that is the area where most organizations lack expertise. It is this area where ‘born in the Cloud’ services can help businesses support hyper-growth, enhance security and governance, optimize Cloud spending, meet the lack of resources/expertise, and manage multi-Cloud. While a lot of groundwork is required to build a successful managed Cloud service practice at an organization, businesses stand to gain significantly by at least starting the initial IT assessment required for implementing the services.

Staying on top of these Managed Services trends will ensure they will be ready to capitalize on the benefits of managed services faster than their competitors. Outsourcing the management of your Cloud infrastructure to an MSP like Embee can significantly reduce your time to market new solutions while enhancing your business’ efficiency, productivity and scalability. Having built a clientele of 2000+, completed 300+ Cloud projects, migrated over 300,000 users to the Cloud and won more than 25 national and global awards, Embee is one of the top 3 Cloud Partners in the country.

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