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Supercharge Your Cloud Innovation Journey with Embee’s Solution Assessments Powered by Microsoft

The world is not an easy place to thrive if you are associated with SMBs. It’s almost like facing the whole gamut of challenges dealing with the proper working of a legacy application, data breaches on the cloud, increased operating costs, absence of data insights and analytics, balancing quality with growth, and of course, curbing the freedom of developers while working on obsolete systems.

Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform is designed to solve all these problems and more, while helping businesses successfully carve a growth path for the future. 95% of the Fortune 500 companies are leveraging Azure to build, run and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge, with the tools and frameworks of their choice.

Yet, the most important piece of the puzzle is finding the right partner that understands the business and requirements inside out. Enrouting the correct path with the right partner is essential. In the course of doing things at a greater scale, partners who comprehend your business and suggest ways to boost growth are needed. Embee Software Private Limited is the partner that supports Azure transformation from strategy to implementation and beyond for its customers. It helps to simplify management of the new infrastructure and integrate with comprehensive managed services for Azure, leading to innovation and exponential business transformation.

Embee covers the wide horizon of Azure, including the solution assessments for SMBs to unlock new opportunities and support their customers’ journey to the cloud.

Cloud innovation: The key for 2021 and beyond

Cloud innovation is catching up faster than ever to be synonymous with ‘the’ business growth booster. It is now a part of strategy of every CTO & CIO to ensure all cloud ops are central to system resilience, infrastructure modernization, amplified agility and future-ready competitive advantage. Also, it has proven to be an end-to-end tactic helping businesses derive insights from real-time data while enhancing the decision-making for capitalising on new opportunities. The cloud is also enabling innovators to accelerate skills available throughout their ecosystems for developing new operating capabilities to shift the industry economics in their favour.

Embee Software Private Limited won the Microsoft India Area Award 2021 – Cloud Innovation Partner of the Year, for Azure and MWS. These annual awards recognise Microsoft partners demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of the proper customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.

Commenting on the win, Sudhir Kothari, CEO, and Founder, Embee Software said, “To be selected as the top innovative partner in the country in such a dynamic area is an incredible feat. It is a recognition of our tireless efforts over the past few years to innovate and diversify. This award reinforces our mantra, that is, innovation is the future.”

Embee’s capabilities on the Azure Cloud demonstrated with its advanced specialisations in Microsoft Windows also have their custom applications built on Modern Workplace Solutions.

Some of the specialisations include:

  • Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure
  • Linux and Open Source Database Migration to Microsoft Azure
  • Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Adoption and Change Management

One-stop shop for SMBs

Microsoft Solution Assessments powered by Embee ensure customers get an in-depth understanding of the opportunities available in their environments to improve productivity, reduce cost, and optimise investments. The solution assessments are a set of industry-standard best practices that integrate proven strategies for managing and optimising the IT assets of an organisation.

Embee Software is the one-stop shop for these solution assessments that would aid the SMBs to streamline operations, increase productivity, and control costs. It’s like improving your infrastructure as a service that would also help in emitting a great customer experience.

There are several ways to check whether your application is performing well. Embee Software is strategically positioned to help its customers make the most out of their Cloud investment by introducing ways to identify workloads and services supporting the strategic objectives to grow your business. Here’s a quick view into the process:

Assess and discover

Gathering accurate data from the customer’s IT environment, including the real-time details and identification of cloud transition blockers.

Plan and decide

Determining the changes prioritised by the customer by comprehending how cloud-based scalability can increase agility while identifying opportunities to improve their business processes.


Carving the roadmap for the customers’ cloud journey with a cost analysis of migration to the cloud. Also, prioritising the end users’ tools and business apps for transition to the cloud.


Enabling the customers to measure progress by establishing a utilisation baseline that would track and achieve milestones, based on custom migration plans.

Solution Assessments

Embee Software ensures the solutions assessments for SMBs in the most cost-effective way, providing innovative solutions and unique services to customers while ensuring their enhanced satisfaction levels.

Data and Infrastructure Optimisation Assessment

This assessment enables customers to modernise their server and data centre environments while prioritising their workloads and applications for transforming them to the cloud. This engagement helps to assess the current deployments, determining the optimum usage on-premises or in the cloud, highlighting the migrations to Azure.

Application and Database Modernisation Assessment

This assessment assists customers to identify and prioritise applications for cloud modernisation. It is targeted towards customers who are looking to move applications to the cloud but need support in understanding which applications to move first and how to migrate.

Azure Foundations Assessment

This assessment aids customers to develop a deep understanding of their cloud maturity along with the steps to transform digitally. This is again a consultative assessment to enable the customers to evaluate their capabilities for digital transformation that synchronises with their current cloud maturity and strategic plans.

Analytics Assessment

This provides customers with an analysis of their data and ways to improve business outcomes.

Modern Workplace Assessment

The Workplace Modernisation Assessment helps customers simplify cloud adoption and also reduces risk. It ensures customers visibility into desktop and on-premise environments while helping them improve their end-user productivity.

Contract Optimisation Assessment

The Contract Optimisation Assessment gives a complete view of the current Microsoft deployments with recommendations for the correct contract licensing. This in turn supports the customers’ business strategy. The results include insights from legacy systems and software licensing, guidelines on how to use current technology, and instructions on how to make licensing decisions fit as per your customers’ needs. The aim remains to maximise the customers’ technology investments to support their organisations’ innovation and growth.

Cloud Security Assessment

The Cybersecurity Assessment becomes essential in helping your customers identify areas of potential risk with the cybersecurity programs. The key takeaways of this assessment include providing customers with a comprehensive look at their cybersecurity infrastructure, including the current software deployment and usage while delivering key insights to help them establish the right procedures for a cyber-risk reduction in the cloud.

Embee Software is making its Solutions Assessment available to the SMBs, thereby paving their way to get into the Azure cloud, enhancing the satisfaction level of their customers’ experience.

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