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What Makes Octane HRMS Top, Preferred Brand of HRMS for Small, Medium Businesses

What is Octane HRMS?

Octane HRMS is a modern cloud HRMS and payroll software, an all-in-one employee success platform that manages the entire employee life cycle from recruiting to relieving. Embee being one of the most preferred IT Partners in the country, has designed Octane– cloud HRMS and payroll software for Small-Medium Businesses, Enterprises and Start-ups.

It substitutes imprecise spreadsheets into a cutting-edge online HR system. You can gain benefit from HR management software designed with cost-effective measures, mark your opportunities, and boost the growth of your business. It is difficult to find software that’s simpler than Octane HRMS. A spontaneous interface and powerful workflows will turn you into an HR expert.

What are the different roles you can assign in Octane HRMS?

Organizing a company culture where employees feel valued and supported needs a deep understanding of how to manage workforce and the process. You need the ability to gauge employee performance, manage their day-to-day task, and gain the kind of observation that help you build a plan of action.

Octane HRMS can do all the above, giving you what you need to strengthen your culture and guide your organization forward. Here are the different roles you can assign in Octane HRMS:

What value does Octane HRMS bring to your business?

Octane HRMS is a modern cloud HRMS and payroll software that helps you integrate, manage, and automate many of the routine HR processes in an organization. It is simply designed and allows you to get an idea of your employee demographics. It is also customizable you can add tables to fit your company’s needs.

Octane HRMS provides various unique features to organize a better environment in the workplace. Businesses trust Octane HRMS as it helps them grow by reducing time-to-hire 20% by automating hiring tasks, minimizing labour costs 30% by reducing overtime and eliminating employee time theft. There are other unique features of Octane HRMS that make the task hustle-free and more reliable for the business:

Here are some of the advantages of having Octane HRMS for your business:

  • Cloud-Based HRMS with mobile apps
  • Employees onboarding to exit
  • Flexible authorization workflow
  • Performance and recruitment management
  • Flexible attendance and leave policies
  • Automated payroll and statutory compliance
  • Expense and reimbursements

Octane HRMS costs less than a cup of coffee. With a small investment in the Octane HRMS, you can enjoy long-term benefits of automated employee management.

Octane HRMS provides Integration services that help you address specific business requirements.

Embee offers integration services for a range of front and back-office applications to improve convenience, facilitate real-time communication and reduce delays. Let’s have a look at the integration services below:

Microsoft Power BI: Gain real-time access to employee data on a visualized dashboard, enable in-depth analysis of the data, extract valuable insights and make effective decisions faster by integrating Microsoft Power BI with Octane HRMS.

Office 365: Synchronize data across the organization for every employee by Microsoft Office 365 and Octane HRMS. Ensure complete visibility by syncing leave requests with your Outlook calendar, attendance in meetings, work hours and more.

SAP Business One: Centralize data storage from multiple sources, achieve data integrity across the organization, eliminate the need to maintain numerous spreadsheets and reduce risks of manual errors and delays by integrating your SAP Business One-based ERP Platform with Octane HRMS.

WhatsApp: Cater to the mobility needs of your millennial workforce by integrating WhatsApp with Octane HRMS and enabling smooth communication between HR, Managers and employees.

Manage your workforce on the go with Octane HRMS app for iOS and Android

Octane HRMS provides a mobile application for the ease of the user so that they can access it by their mobile phone also. Using Octane HRMS mobile application makes the daily task easier for the employee, management, or administration in many ways:

  • Log in and log out from your mobile device with just one tap
  • Always keep track of employee attendance and requisitions
  • Create, assign, and track tasks from anywhere at any time
  • Instantly search FAQs and employee details whenever needed
  • Approve requisitions with quick notifications

What are the modules Octane HRMS provides for your business:

Octane HRMS enables the management of several HR functions using information technology. It helps improve the productivity and efficiency of the company through the automation of manual tasks. This also clears up the HR team’s time which can then be used to address more strategic, business-critical assignments.

Here are unique features of Octane HRMS that improve the productivity and efficiency of the business through the automation of manual and repetitive tasks:


Recruitment Management

It creates LMS based on training cycles, identifies training needs, gets feedback, and monitor competencies acquired. There are various other features that make the recruitment process more accessible, which include:

  • Recruitment Plan
  • Candidate Profiles
  • Interviews
  • Feedback Process
  • Offering & Onboarding

Attendance Management

This module has various functionalities such as picking up real-time data from any reader automatically globally and calculating late coming, early going and overtime policies. Other features of Attendance Management are:

  • Biometric Integration
  • Web Check-In/Out
  • Leave Management
  • Timesheet Management

Salary and Finance

This module offers multiple features that facilitate employees as well as administration, such as:

  • Payroll process
  • Tax compliance / Form 16-Loan/ Advanced Processes
  • Reimbursement Processes

Performance Management

It creates any kind of PMS like a 180 or 360-degree system based on competencies and KRAs weightages for each group and generates bell curve analysis. There are other features offered by Performance Management:

  • Prepare KRAs
  • Quarterly Reviews
  • Feedback process
  • PIP practice

Travel and Helpdesk Management

Any workflow request ticket can be raised and escalated to the desired employees, and its growth can be followed to see whether that issue is still open or closed. This module also has other features such as:

  • Travel Requests
  • Hotel/Cab Requests
  • Travel Advances
  • Travel History

Learning Management

It creates LMS based on training cycles, identifies training needs, gets feedback and monitors competencies acquired. Learning Management offers other features such as:

  • Course Request
  • Course Schedule
  • Course Attendance
  • Assessment
  • Feedback

My Profile

It offers multiple features that include employee personal details and payment details. Also, users can see the employee directory in this section. Other features of my profile are:

  • Profile Details
  • My Organization Chart
  • Show/Cause-Separation
  • Confirmation

Time Sheet Management

In this module, users can review the task details of any employee. Also, they can manage their timesheet, check reports.

Asset Management

It offers employees asset requests and other facilities regarding assets. Employees can request new assets, check the status of assets.

In conclusion, businesses that want to maximize their human capital will choose a capable HRMS. Leverage hassle-free implementation, multi-level customization and seamless integration to maximize value from your Octane HRMS adoption.

Octane HRMS from Embee provides all the features discussed in the article.

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