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Windows 365 Business Standard

₹ 3,190.00 /User/Month

Note:- Microsoft has changed the prices recently and product prices may vary for the orders received after 14th March 2022. The orders will be processed only after the final confirmation from Microsoft.

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Offer Description

Run a full range of productivity tools and line-of-business apps.

2 vCPU
128 GB Storage

Windows 365 is a cloud service that introduces a new way to experience Windows 10 or Windows 11 on any device. Windows 365 takes the operating system to the Microsoft Cloud, securely streaming the full Windows experience to your personal or corporate devices.

This approach creates a fully new personal computing category, specifically for the hybrid world: The Cloud PC. The Cloud PC provides an instant-on boot experience that enables users to stream all their personalized applications, tools, data, and settings from the cloud across any device including your Mac, iPad, Linux device, and Android.

With Windows 365, we are making Windows available, not just on Windows devices, but any device harnessing the power of the Cloud. This has never been done before and think about it, just like applications were brought to the cloud with SAS, Microsoft is now bringing the operating system to the Cloud with Windows 365.

With Windows 365, the operating system itself becomes hybrid, accessible on the device as well as the Cloud. With just a few clicks, you can set up your Cloud PC and stream the full Windows experience from the Microsoft Cloud to a personal or a corporate device.

You can pick up right where you left off because the state of your Cloud PC remains the same even when you switch devices. In this new era of hybrid work, Windows 365 provides organizations, whether they are a business of one or 1,000, with greater flexibility and secure way to empower their workforce to be more productive and connected regardless of the location.

Features of Windows 365

Personalized Cloud PC– Stream your apps, data, content, settings, and storage from the Microsoft cloud with Windows 365.

Scalable– Windows 365 is built on Azure Virtual Desktop to easily set up and scale Cloud PCs to fit your needs and securely support your hybrid workforce.

Stream to any device– Pick up where you left off, on any device, and experience new opportunities for work and collaboration.

Cloud security powered by Zero Trust

Microsoft Cloud comes with best-of-breed and best-of-suite security capabilities to help every organization adopt a zero-trust architecture, while also reducing the complexity, cost, and risk created by stitching together point solutions. You can pair Multifactor authentication (MFA) with dedicated Windows 365 conditional access policies to assess login risk instantly for each session.

Windows 365 makes purchasing Cloud PCs easy with predictable with per-user per-month pricing, and is natively integrated across Azure AD, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft 365 applications, and Microsoft Endpoint Manager for Enterprise customers, while Business customers can leverage a simplified self-service experience on the web.

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