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Cisco Firepower NGFW Virtual

Cisco Firepower NGFW Virtual (NGFWv) Firewall

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Embee’s Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defence Virtual (formerly FTDv/NGFWv) combines a proven network firewall with Snort IPS, URL filtering, and malware defence. With Consistent Security Policies around physical, private, and public cloud environments, it simplifies threat protection. You can get detailed visibility of your network and get to detect threat quickly with origin and activity. Availing all such advancement will bring ability to stop attacks before they impact your operations. 

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Features Specifications
Cisco Firewall device manager (local management) ESXi, KVM and Openstack: Version 7.0 and above; Azure: Version 6.5 and above; AWS: 6.6 and above, Cisco Hyperflex: Version 7.0 and above; Nutanix AHV: Version 7.0 and above
Centralized management Centralized configuration, logging, monitoring, and reporting are performed by the Cisco Firewall Management Center (all platforms including on-premises and in AWS, Azure, GCP and OCI(6.7 and above)) or alternatively in the cloud with Cisco Defence Orchestrator (ESXi and KVM; Azure: Version 6.5 and above, Cisco Hyperflex: Version 7.0 and above; Nutanix AHV: Version 7.0 and above)
Application Visibility and Control (AVC) Standard, supporting more than 4000 applications, as well as geolocations, users, and websites
AVC: OpenAppID support for custom, open-source, application detectors Standard
Cisco Security Intelligence Standard, with IP, URL, and DNS threat intelligence
IPS license for Cisco Secure Firewall Available; Snort 3 IPS can passively detect endpoints and infrastructure for threat correlation and Indicators of Compromise (IoC)
Malware Defence license for Cisco Secure Firewall Available; enables detection, blocking, tracking, analysis, and containment of targeted and persistent malware, addressing the attack continuum both during and after attacks. Integrated threat correlation with Cisco Secure Endpoint is also optionally available.
Cisco Secure Malware Analytics sandboxing Available
URL filtering: number of categories More than 80
URL filtering: number of URLs categorized More than 280 million
Automated threat feed and IPS signature updates Yes: Class-leading Collective Security Intelligence (CSI) from the Cisco Talos® group (
Third-party and open-source ecosystem Open API for integrations with third-party products; Snort® and OpenAppID community resources for new and specific threats
High availability and clustering Active/standby (ESXi and KVM only)
Deployment modes Routed, transparent (inline set — IPS-only), and passive; AWS, Azure, GCP and OCI: routed mode only
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