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Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise E5

₹ 729.00 ₹ 663.00 /User/Month
Get Advanced Threat Protection with Windows 10 Enterprise E5 at Just ₹ 663/User/Month
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Windows 10 Enterprise caters to all the requirements of large and mid-size organizations with security and device/app management.

Note:- Microsoft has changed the prices recently and product prices may vary for the orders received after 14th March 2022. The orders will be processed only after the final confirmation from Microsoft.

Offer Description

Enjoy amazing features and security when you upgrade to Windows 10.

(MDM) Mobile Device Management
It’s crucial for every business today to have a secure central management of mobile devices. MDM helps in monitoring all your enterprise mobile devices at one place, analyze data for individual users and implement required security policies.

Microsoft Store for Business
You get a private Microsoft store for your organization to manage application configuration, distribution and creation.

Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
Boost your response capabilities with ATP, which examines and corrects endpoint threats using the power of the advanced Intelligent Security Graph.

Intelligent Security
Keep your business secure with advanced Microsoft security powered by cloud intelligence.

  • Attack surface reduction
  • Next-generation protection
  • Endpoint detection and response
  • Automatic investigation and remediation
  • Security posture
  • Cross-platform extensibility and integration
  • Multifactor authentication and biometrics
  • Credential protection
  • Full-volume encryption
  • Data loss prevention

Simplified Updates
Automated updates and delivery optimization help in driving more business value.

  • Express Updates
  • Delivery Optimization
  • Windows Server Update Service (WSUS)
  • Windows Update for Business
  • Windows Insider Program for Business
  • 30-months of support for September targeted releases
  • Windows 10 Long Term Service Channel
  • Desktop Analytics

Flexible management
Leverage device management feature of Windows that supports employees working from anywhere.

  • Mobile Application Management (MAM)
  • Mobile device management (MDM)
  • Windows Autopilot
  • Kiosk mode
  • Microsoft Store for Business
  • Manage user experiences
  • Resilient File System, SMB Direct, and Persistent Memory
  • Windows 10 Subscription Activation
  • Hybrid Azure AD Join
  • Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V)
  • Microsoft User Experience Virtualization (UE-V)
  • Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Windows Analytics Device Health

Enhanced productivity
Collaborate and work more efficiently with an intuitive user experience and built-in tools and features.

  • Microsoft search in Windows 10
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Cortana
  • Microsoft 365 apps on Windows
  • Microsoft Whiteboard
  • OneNote for Windows 10
  • Accessibility
  • Windows Ink

Windows 7 support ended on January 14, 2020. So, while you could continue to run Windows 7 on your systems, without continued software and security updates, you are at a greater risk for attacks and malware.

To run your organization smoothly, Embee offers fast and reliable Windows 10 deployment services. Take the first step towards proactively updating your OS by getting in touch with us now.

Windows 10 Migration Made Easy
Many factors are taken into consideration while planning a Windows 10 upgrade on a commercial level, we have the experience and required expertise to help businesses make a seamless transition.

Here are four reasons to partner with Embee for your Windows 10 upgrade: –

Save Your IT Department Time

Our Microsoft experts will help in saving the time and resources of your IT department by around 30-60 minutes per workstation. This time can be utilized to focus on other crucial projects.

Skilled and Experienced Microsoft Experts
Our technicians ensure quick response time to meet project deadlines. They will tailor the entire deployment process according to your requirements.

Trusted by

2500+ Brands
Trusted by some of the nation’s top 2500+ companies for their technology solutions, our reputation lies in the success of your project delivery.

Windows 7 Extended Support
If your organization requires to maintain Windows 7 for any reason, we can assist you to acquire the annual Windows 7 Extended Security Updates offering from Microsoft.

Processor Requirements
Latest processors only support Windows 10. Therefore, if you upgrade your existing hardware, it may not support your current operating system.

On the other hand, processors that are more than 3-4 years old will not support Windows 10. You have to upgrade the processors in your company’s computers before upgrading your operating system.

Start planning for the future today.

The experienced team at Embee is here to help make safe and smooth transition to Windows 10 for your organization.

Share your details and one of our experts will contact you within next few hours

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