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[Dummy] Help your growing business scale newer heights! Resolve issues like limited visibility into processes, redundancy of data, bottlenecks in operations, delays in delivery and less than stellar customer

Join our affiliate or referral partner program to:

Small and Medium sized businesses today are battling competition for market dominance. Partner with Embee to give them the edge they need.

Leverage the unparalleled usability of our process integration and automation solution based on world’s #1 ERP – SAP Business One to transform their business operations, streamline their processes and truly add value to your customer. Grow with us. Scale new heights. Get a chance to be a part of our growing global community of partners.

Why Partner with Embee?

What You Need

At Embee, we have two types of partnership programs:

Choose one, based on particular set of expertise, and get ready to join our mission of enhancing process efficiency across industries:

Responsibilities Gold Plan Diamond Plan
Proactively & continuously search for potential prospects check check
Generate relevant quality leads check check
Pass on leads to Embee’s sales team check check
Educate prospects on the features and functions of the solution by arranging demo check
Send quotations check
Collaborate with Embee’s sales team for successful account closures check check

How It Works

Referral Partnership

A referral recommends Embee’s ERP offerings to those interested, thereby facilitating lead referral introductions and relationship development. A referral can be a customer, consultant, any individual or organization who is aware of Embee’s ERP offerings.

Affiliate/Reseller Partnership

Our reseller partners help us to cater to interested businesses in their countries, thereby enabling us to help the businesses enhance efficiency and improve ROI.

Embee and SAP

Partnering in Your Success: Top SAP Business One Implementation Partner.

Helping Customers Steer Their Digital Transformation Journey

Discover how Embee helps businesses achieve success through innovation, dedication and collaboration.

Transforming 2500+ Organizations

Why Choose Embee?

Embee stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of IT solutions, with a rich legacy that spans over three decades. Here’s why Embee should be your go-to solutions provider:

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