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Leverage Octane HRMS’ informative dashboard and reporting features to enable your HR and employee be more proactive about their roles in the organization.

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Octane’s comprehensive dashboard works as an advanced analytics tool displaying important metrics in an easily understandable visualized format. Replete with separate, customizable views for HR and employee, the dashboard enables both parties to access vital information about attendance, leaves, work hours, KPIs, requests, approvals, tax and more, from anywhere, at any time, on a centralized, unified and easily navigable interface and detailed reports.

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HR dashboard

Octane’s human resources dashboard brings critical workforce-related analytics from across the organization to a unified platform. It enables HR to get a macro and micro view of each employee’s journey in the organization, along with crucial data on new recruitment needs, training needs, assets, employee investment and more. It not only helps HR measure vital metrics but also helps them to share the data with management and executive teams, thereby facilitating well-informed decision-making. HR dashboard can be connected to your business’ core systems to simplify instant communication of information to the whole organization. Confidential data dashboards are secured with customizable access permissions.

Employee dashboard

Empower your employees with Employee Self Service (ESS) portal, equipped with a personalized dashboard where they can see and edit their personal information, track work hours, submit requests, connect directly with HR, make IT declaration and raise query/trouble tickets. Promote complete transparency and unprecedented convenience to boost trust in employees towards the organization and motivate them to put in their very best at work.

Reporting that gives you the complete picture

Generate thorough reports to drill down into each employee’s contribution to the organization. Stay on top of every detail to make strategic decisions quicker.

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