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Keep your finances in check with SAP Business One for Account Management

Avoid the dreaded cash crunch by automating and streamlining your finance and accounting processes with SAP accounting software.

SAP for Accounting and Finance Management

SAP Business One for Accounting and Finance Management comes with all the modules you need to manage your company, from invoicing to financial reporting. Essentially, it is a complete accounting and finance suite that will allow you to keep track of every penny that goes into your company and how much revenue you’re generating.

Track expenses – With the suite’s ability to track expenses and generate reports, you can get a better look at what your company is spending money on and the impact it has. You can use this information to properly budget for expenses, adjust as necessary, and keep your company running efficiently.

Create financial reports – Create financial reports that help you keep track of revenue and expenses, as well as provide a better look at your business’s financial health. These reports are designed to help you make better decisions, reduce the risk of bad debts, and improve profitability.

Enable payroll – With the suite’s ability to track employees, you can enable payroll and start tracking your employees’ pay checks.

Manage vendors and invoices – Managing vendors can be a pain point for a lot of companies, especially when there are multiple vendors for each task. With SAP Business One for Accounting and Finance Management, you can manage vendors easily, create reports, invoices, and track inventory.

Protecting your Infrastructure with Embee’s Security Solutions

Threats advance as security systems do. We help our customers build secure architecture and manage security systems end to end, keeping them updated and protected from potential threats. Designing and Implementing Security architecture with our in-depth understanding of management and analytics, we help growing enterprises build layered lock down security architecture.

Accounting and financials

Manage your general ledger, journals, and accounts payable and receivable.

Real-time Analytics

Integrated eCommerce and B2B platform with real-time information and data


Sales and customer relationship management

Track sales opportunities from first contact to the close of sale and manage and maintain customer contacts.

Purchasing and supplier relationship management

Manage the complete order-to-pay cycle, including receipts, invoices, and returns.

Inventory and distribution

Manage your inventory and operations, including delivery and billing.

Reporting and administration

Access critical business information to generate timely and accurate reports.

Embee-Your go-to SAP Business One Consulting and Implementation Partner

Empower Your Business with Expert SAP Business One Consulting and Implementation Services

License Procurement

SAP license procurement and deployment services

Customization with Add-Ons

Customization with Embee’s SAP-approved add-ons

SAP Business One Implementation

Comprehensive consultation and implementation services

SAP Business One Support

Dedicated support services with 24X7 issue/query resolution

Embee’s SAP-Accredited Add-Ons

SAP-accredited add-ons enhance SAP software with certified, efficient, and compliant extensions.


Simplifies all tasks, starting from Contract Management with customers to Contract based Billing


Focus on the quality of each order, monitoring and adjusting protocols and processes based on key metrics


Simplifies GSTR filings for indian customers


Simplifies and automates stage-wise production schedule, reducing manual errors

WhatsApp Addon

Get instant alerts regarding payment status, pending orders, order status and much more to never miss any crucial information again.

Job Work

Track of raw materials and or semi-finished goods being supplied from principal to sub-contractor

Gate Entry, Gate Pass & Weighment

Keep a track of vehicles carrying material to or out of office/factory premises


Letter of Credit & Buyer’s Credit

Maintain vendor-wise, item-wise Letter of Credit, manage LC in different currencies, and transfer the LC liability into buyer’s credit.

Creator/Vendor Portal

Separate logins for each vendor with instant sync, shipment tracking and real-time availability of data.

Manage the Entire Sales Process & Customer Lifecycle from One Place


Logistics - 3PL, WMS

Food & Beverage

Printing & Packaging

Trading & Distribution











Embee’s SAP Integration Services for smoothtransition and improved efficiency



Inbound and Outbound payment file integration
Text file generation as payment advice to bank for Cheque printing / NEFT / RTGS

Third-Party Apps

Third-Party Apps

HHT, PTL Integration
Faster material movement by approx. 70%
Flawless warehouse management
Accurate tracking



Accelerate connectivity to third- applications
Extensive library
Added value to ERP software

Social/Chat Platforms

Social/Chat Platforms

Instant notifications about process updates via social/chat API integration
WhatsApp Integration

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Embee and SAP Success Stories

Empowering customers to transform their business and deliver superior customer experiences.
Reduced Inventory costs of a manufacturer with SAP Business One®
Reduced turnaround times & delays with SAP Business One®
Elimination of manual processes & errors with SAP Business One®
Improve profits & becomes future-ready with SAP Business One®
Seamless business integration & data accuracy with SAP Business One®
SLC optimizes costs, improves profits,& becomes future-ready with SAP B1®


Run your daily operations effectively with SAP for manufacturing industry

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