End-to-end travel management simplified

Streamline corporate travel request, approvals, expenses and reimbursements with Octane HRMS’ comprehensive module.

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Gain better visibility into and control over your employees’ corporate travels with Octane’s 360O module. Pull all aspects of travel, from requests to approval, expenses to reimbursements, together on one platform, tailor them to your business’ policies and manage them end-to-end. Octane’s integrated module expedites processes, eliminates errors, removes confusions and optimizes expenses. Simplify your corporate traveller’s journey before, during, and after the trip.

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Enhance your employees’ corporate travel experience


Strategic approach

Automating travel management can help organizations take a strategic approach towards corporate travel and achieve standardized processes. It can help to build, adjust and improve an organization’s travel policy for better cost-effectiveness and employee experience.

Expedited processes

Automation helps to speed up processes, thereby eliminating delays resulting from human errors. For each step, from registering travel requests to granting final approval – automatic and instant notifications are sent, which helps to gain better visibility into the process and expedite it.

Improved decision-making

Since all information about each employee’s travel is available in real-time on a centralized dashboard, accessible across networks and devices, instant and informed decision-making becomes easy for stakeholders. This results in improvement of overall growth of the company.

Accountability management

Strategic travel management improves accountability across your organization. Accurate records of travel expenses are captured on the portal that simplifies complies with audits and external tax laws. The records can even enable the stakeholders to optimize budgeting and expenses.

Why Octane HRMS?

Choose right to support right. Empower your HR and employees alike with a 360° human resource management solution.

Redefine your employees’ corporate travel experience by eliminating delays, errors and confusion and automating the process with Octane HRMS’ Travel Management module. Help employees raise travel requests, receive instant approvals and responses. Enable your HR to ensure considerable savings on travel time and costs.


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