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Over 80% talent acquisition executives believe they would be more productive if they could automate sourcing all together.

Leverage Octane’s comprehensive recruitment module to streamline and accelerate entire hiring process, right from identifying current vacancies, creating job postings, analysing applications to shortlisting applicants, scheduling interviews, profiling candidates and managing onboarding process of selected candidates.

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Accelerate hiring of the right talent with Octane’s intelligent recruitment module

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Significant time savings

Automating tasks like sourcing, engaging talent, generating accurate job descriptions, scheduling interviews and managing follow-ups, can eliminate the need for the arduous process of weeding through numerous applications and save valuable time.

Improved candidate experience

Automated communication, quick answers to queries, interviews scheduled in a timely manner significantly improves the candidate’s initial experience with a company, without necessitating extravagant expenses in terms of time and effort from recruiters.

Greater knowledge retention

Leveraging a recruitment automation software like Octane HRMS, recruiters can also keep track of vast amounts of applications and candidature for each job role. This can help in finding the right candidate based on their skillset and experience.

Enhanced diversity

Use of Octane’s recruitment module for objectively identifying prospects for a given position, any possibility of bias can be eliminated from the equation, resulting in unbiased hiring based on only knowledge, skills and experience.

Improved sourcing

Octane’s applicant tracking systems permit recruiters to submit job descriptions and broadly promote them on job portals in just a few seconds, thereby increasing the reach exactly where it matters. Expanded reach can help with quicker sourcing of talents.

Why Octane HRMS?

Empower your HR and employees alike with a 360° human resource management solution.

Octane HRMS’ comprehensive recruitment module provides your recruitment team with the right tools to attract the best talents, guide them at every step of the evaluation process and make them feel welcomed in the organisation from their first day itself.


Unified platform for all your HR needs


Becomes integral part of your company with easy customization

Mobile first

Anytime, anywhere productivity with mobile application


Abiding by company’s and governing authorities’ statutory compliance with ease

User friendly

Enhanced user experience with intuitive interface

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