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Over 80% talent acquisition executives believe they would be more productive if they could automate sourcing all together.

Leverage Octane’s comprehensive recruitment module to streamline and accelerate entire hiring process, right from identifying current vacancies, creating job postings, analysing applications to shortlisting applicants, scheduling interviews, profiling candidates and managing onboarding process of selected candidates.

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Octane Modules

Ensure accurate attendance management with real-time data.

Boost employees’ bond with the organisation with direct access to payroll, attendance, performance and loan-related information.

Organise performance and appraisal management, ensure employees’ performance is perfectly aligned with organization goals.

Let your team organise their learning to keep their skill-sets relevant with your evolving business needs.

Helps you recruit right to gain optimum results and reduce employee attrition rate.

Eliminate complications from statutory compliance and payroll management with a simple and secure solution.

Automate the entire process of business travel at every step, right from the requisition to return for smooth management.

Octane HRMS Plans

Run your people operations at less than cost of a cup of coffee!

*Minimum purchase of 50 licenses is required

Octane Base

All the basic things for businesses that are just getting started

Octane Standard

Better insight for growing businesses that want more customers

Octane Professional

Manage multiple website and still have the scalability for growth

Customisation with Add-Ons and integration

Octane Benefits

Boosted trust

Complete transparency to boost the employee trust. The portal displays the individual payments, attendance along with enabling each employee to submit requests, track approvals, register issues, initiate discussions etc.

Enhanced personalization

ESS enables companies to customize the employee portal to match their branding and logo. Besides detailed information about each employee makes every member of the workforce individually cared for by the organization.

Resource optimization

ESS enables resource optimization. Automating all workforce related processes reduces the human resource requirement and significantly ensures time optimization. It is great way to start with establishing a paperless work culture.

Improved efficiency

Automating and streamlining most HR tasks ensures improved efficiency. Your HR team will no longer need to follow up with employees across the organization for minute details thereby enabling them to focus more on mission-critical tasks.

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Increased accountability

ESS promotes transparency across the organization, improving coordination between employer, HR and workforce, which helps to improve accountability, boost employee morale, increase employee engagement and reduce turnover rates.

Empower your HR and employees alike with a 360° human resource management solution.

Empower your HR and employees alike with the intuitive and comprehensive attendance management module of Octane HRMS, enabled with biometric, web check-in and check-out, scheduling, payroll integration and more. Drill down deeper with detailed reports of work hours of each employee or teams for every day. Improve workplace productivity and optimize employee investment.


Unified platform for all your HR needs


Becomes integral part of your company with easy customization

Mobile first

Anytime, anywhere productivity with mobile application


Abiding by company’s and governing authorities’ statutory compliance with ease

User friendly

Enhanced user experience with intuitive interface

World-class Support Services

Say Hello, For all of the essential HR processes, Octane cloud-based HRMS system serves as a valuable asset.

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