Simplify the process of employee attendance in real-time.

Experience peace of mind by seamlessly aligning your workforce’s attendance, leave, vacations, work hours, work schedules and payroll.

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Bring in transparency in your attendance management process

Adopt Octane HRMS to handle all aspects of employee attendance in real-time with simplicity and efficiency. Track your employees’ attendance, absence and work hours to perfectly plan tasks, manage productivity, maintain deadlines and maintain accurate payrolls – all on an intuitive, comprehensive dashboard.

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Reliable accuracy

Automating attendance tracking for employees, present on-premise and on-site, eliminates chances of human errors, forgery and provides stakeholders with accurate insights into true labour costs.

Increased productivity

Streamlining and automating the attendance tracking system enables HR to manage the processes more effectively. Their time investment is limited, scope of misuse is minimum and management is simpler.

Bottom-line savings

Fewer human errors, optimized labour costs and increased productivity leads to significant bottom-line savings for the organization and provide considerable return over investment (ROI).

Improved regulatory compliance

Data collected from the system, regarding leaves, work hours, net payment, is accurate and available in real-time. It can help the stakeholder’s to complete regulatory compliance for their workforce.

Improved shift management

Simplify shift management by creating, managing and tracking shifts and weekly offs of employees along with holiday calendars. Payroll integration can eliminate complexity of wage calculation.

Why Octane HRMS?

Empower your HR and employees alike with a 360° human resource management solution.

Empower your HR and employees alike with the intuitive and comprehensive attendance management module of Octane HRMS, enabled with biometric, web check-in and check-out, scheduling, payroll integration and more. Drill down deeper with detailed reports of work hours of each employee or teams for every day. Improve workplace productivity and optimize employee investment.


Unified platform for all your HR needs


Becomes integral part of your company with easy customization

Mobile first

Anytime, anywhere productivity with mobile application


Abiding by company’s and governing authorities’ statutory compliance with ease

User friendly

Enhanced user experience with intuitive interface

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