Disruption could be your biggest ally

Between smart phones, virtualization, apps, cloud computing, and the host of other technology advances and transformations occurring today, most companies are not sure about how to navigate it all. However, if you have a clear strategic focus and a well thought out game-plan, you can easily convert digital disruption into your largest opportunity.

Mobile Agility

Succeed in a mobile world

IT and ITeS providers are faced with a new reality. Employees working from home, from customer premises on-site and a distributed salesforce has created a strong need for secure enterprise mobility solutions. Embee can help you create a deploy a mobility solution that allows your employees to work from home in a productive, yet highly secure environment.

Hire the best talent by offering work from home, securely

Embee can help make IT mobile

Connected Development

Effective collaboration is more than just working together

Collaboration today is not just about “working together”, it’s a strategic choice that most IT and ITeS providers are making. Between employees working together from remote areas, coordinating with external vendors and working with customers, it’s a reality that presents a significant opportunity. Embee can help you implement a life-like collaboration and communication solution that truly pushes the needle on productivity.

Communication & Collaboration to drive competitive advantage

Infrastructure Security to effectively deploy collaborative problem solving

Digital Transformation

All digital roads lead to the cloud

As a provider of IT or ITeS services, you deal with large amounts of data and files. The omnipotence of cloud service models (SaaS/ PaaS) is hard to ignore. When you combine that with the reality of mobility across the workforce, implementing a smart cloud based solution to facilitate remote access to data and working from anywhere in a secure manner becomes imperative. Embee can help you assess, plan, adopt and optimize a winning cloud strategy.

Adopt a cloud strategy that makes sense for you

Take a look at how we helped a leading IT solution provider make the decision making process agile and effective

Featured Clients

Featured Clients

Continue the Conversation

Embee works with IT and ITeS companies that are looking to lead the way in leveraging technology to provide a better customer experience. Technology today provides you with the opportunity to become more agile, reduce capex, scale quickly and create workforce efficiencies. We can help you get there.

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