Future of Work: AI-Powered Cloud, Productivity & Security

8th Dec, 2023, 7PM – 9PM

Novotel Mumbai International Airport, Mumbai


Bipul Patra

President - Technology & Business Strategy, Embee Software


Aman Singhal

Principal Architect & Delivery Manager Cloud Services, Embee Software


Neeraj Kumar Pandey

MWS Program Manager Embee Software

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You’re invited to the event “Future of Work: AI-Powered Cloud, Productivity & Security” scheduled on 8th December 2023.

In an era of digital transformation and hybrid work, understanding the confluence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud technologies, productivity, and security is shaping the way we work and collaborate. This event will help you navigate these complex challenges, emphasizing on the transformative potential they hold for modern enterprises.

Agenda of the roundtable​

This event brings together leading experts, innovators, and thought leaders in the fields of technology, business, and security. It’s a unique opportunity to network with peers, engage in discussions, and gain a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape of modern work.

We eagerly await your presence and contribution to what promises to be an enlightening and engaging event. For inquiries or further details, feel free to contact us at connect@embee.co.in 


Future of Work: AI-Powered Cloud, Productivity & Security

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