Why organizations are Pro O365?

Businesses across verticals and dimensions are facing difficulty in managing their IT infrastructures, which, in most cases, are turning out to be complex, costly and inefficient. Moreover, unlike the preceding years where organizations controlled the market, the market is now manipulated by the customers. The abundance of technology and the increasing market competitiveness have empowered customers to information which organizations earlier withheld as advantage and choice which never existed previously. Thus, organizations need to alter their way of operation to retain customers. Many are evaluating the Modern Workplace in order to keep their IT costs within budget, bring in flexibility, adopt tools to enhance business productivity, help them be more efficient, ensure strong collaboration and smooth communications within the organization. Microsoft’s 365 suite is one such option. It is a combination of applications on the Cloud helping organizations achieve agility and bring in efficiency in their business operations. It includes the Exchange Online for E-mail, SharePoint online for collaboration, Skype for Business for unified communications, Yammer for social productivity and networking along with a suit of Office Web Apps.

80% of Fortune 500 companies are on Microsoft Cloud and 60% of them have already adopted O365.

Why are organizations pro O365? Let’s find out!


By using O365, employees can collaborate efficiently. The in-built features on Lync enable them to connect, communicate and share information and company data internally and with other stake-holders. SharePoint too is a resource house of organization information. Teams get the information they require in a timely manner and on-time decisions are possible. As an essential component of O365, Yammer too makes collaborating with people easy and too ensures enterprise social networking.

Being Mobile

Phone. Tablet. PC. You choose the device you want to work with today and access the information from virtually anywhere and have a consistent, clean, and fast experience doing it. This is the power of O365. It ensures productivity everywhere. You get access to your documents, email, calendars, contacts, and team sites at all times irrespective of your device.

1 in every 4 enterprise organizations use O365.

Your data is secure

Office 365 is hosted in Microsoft’s network of highly available data centers, built and operated with a defense-in-depth approach to people, processes, and technology. Thus businesses using Office 365 can ensure that they’re able to meet various data protection requirements. Additionally managed services eliminate the need to own and maintain redundant physical infrastructure for data backup and disaster recovery reducing the IT costs.

Always UP

Businesses having Office 365 are constantly updated with the new features added on the platform. A financially backed service level agreement (SLA) of 99.9 percent availability ensures the business seldom faces a down-time thereby creating a reliable and productive environment at all times.

A financially backed service level agreement (SLA) of 99.9 percent availability ensures the business seldom faces a down-time thereby creating a reliable and productive environment at all times.


With O365 your upfront cost is minimized, your productivity increases, your corporate data is protected, there is robust collaboration and your control is easier. Value matters and this is the value delivered by O365. Implementing this enterprise solution relieves the management from internal issues to direct their focus on business’ critical decisions and grow their company further.

A Modern workspace can be your strategic differentiator.

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